Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our Engagement Story!

That's right, it happened- Jeremiah & I are ENGAGED! Yay!! We officially became engaged on January 11th, 2016 & here's how it all went down!

So technically, January 11th was my first day back to school- I had afternoon clinic, with a patient scheduled 1pm. I got to school slightly early because I had some things on campus to take care of & had to pick up a new name tag in town (because I somehow lost mine). I got all that done & went in my hall to get ready for clinic & eat somewhat of a lunch before I set up. I had been on the phone pretty much all morning complaining to my school friend (Brandi) about financial aid & a bunch of other school nonsense. She said she was almost at school so I went ahead & got my things together to set up my unit.

During set up, around 12:30ish, I saw one of my instructors & some other girls talking- so of course I ran up there & talked for a few (little did I know I was ruining the planl). After some short convo, I headed back to my unit. Then about 12:40 one of my regular teachers came in & said there was a call for me in reception, I asked who it was & she said, "I don't know, some man." I'm thinking what the heck, who could that be? What patient would be calling me? Then she made me take my gown & other PPE off- which is weird because we can wear that stuff into reception- I'm thinking what new rule is there that I can't wear my PPE into reception!? Or maybe my patient was in reception & she didn't want me wearing all my PPE? What. I was so confused at this point but I followed her.

I walked into reception & my friend Brandi handed me the phone- I kept saying "hello?" but no one was there. She hung it up & was like maybe they'll call back- but I was so lost, I kept picking it back up. Then, finally I turned around & saw Jeremiah standing behind the door! I got so scared! After a few seconds, I had an idea of what was going on (we'd been talking about getting engaged, & we both graduate in May- so I was hoping it would happen while he was home for Christmas break). 

Then he made an adorable & sweet speech about how we'd been together for 7 years & did I want to make it 7 & a bunch more. Then he got down on one knee & asked if I'd marry him & (duh) I said yes! 

It was such a surprise! We hugged & kissed for a few minutes then I had to get back to clinic & he headed back home. I was on cloud 50 billion for the rest of the day. I am still somewhat in shock- we've been talking about getting married for a while now, but now it's really going to happen & I just can't believe it! 

Please ignore the fact that my hand looks so dry & red, I'd washed it 4 times before this & had gloves on. Aren't my rings gorgeous!? Jeremiah said he got the band as an "enhancement ring"- not a bridal ring, because he wanted something to go with the actual engagement ring, so I can wear it now. Then, when we get married I'll get another band! 

Now I'll tell you how Jeremiah pulled it all off. He texted Brandi on Friday & told her he wanted to do the engagement at school- where I'd least expect it. So, Sunday night he texted her & said it was still a go. Monday morning he got up pretty early & was ready to leave but he said I wasn't far enough ahead of him- so he laid around before leaving to give me time to get closer to school. 

Once he got to my school he texted Brandi & she had the task of sneaking him in. My other friend, Tammy, had the job of making sure I stayed in the clinic. (Remember how I said I ruined the plan by going to talk to everyone?)- they were talking about how they were going to sneak Jeremiah in without me knowing & I just wouldn't go away. My instructor had decided she wanted to video it for me & my other teacher had taken the role of getting me to the reception room. So basically Brandi got him inside & told everyone to pretend he wasn't here so I would have no idea. Then everything fell into place & we got engaged!

And let me say, it was a success. I was so surprised!! Jeremiah did an amazing job & I had no idea any of it was going to happen. Unfortunately, he went back to school last Saturday (January 16th), but I'm hoping he can come in for Spring Break in March. 

I hope you all enjoyed our engagement story, I know I'm gonna love going back & reading it in the future! Now to start wedding planning


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