Wednesday, August 19, 2015

7 Year Anniversary Recap!

That's right people, Jeremiah & I celebrated our seventh dating anniversary last Wednesday! We started off the day by running errands & having lunch at Jeremiah's dad's office. We both got take out pizzas, from a local pizza place that we looove. After we ate, Jeremiah decided we really needed to get going!

We drove about two hours from our town to play a small Par III golf course. But it definitely took us a lot longer to get there, because the directions to the place were very poor & we didn't think we'd ever find it! Once located, we got to playing- I'm not very good, but it was still really fun. After golfing we headed back towards our town but stopped about half way to eat at a local burger place. I was pretty disappointed because the food wasn't great. The bread was really weird, which ruined my grilled cheese. Down the street was a well-known bakery that I've been wanting to visit- so we decided to have desert there! I got a red velvet cake & Jeremiah got cheesecake. He claimed it was "the best cheesecake he'd ever had"! 

To finish the evening off we played mini-golf & Jeremiah barely beat me! We had planned on going to a movie afterwards, but decided we'd rather skip it & head back to my house to just watch a movie there. We got back to my house & my sister's new laptop had come in, so Jeremiah worked on getting all her programs installed. While things were downloading we started a movie, "LA Confidential". Things finally finished on her computer & so did our movie, which I actually really liked. Then I took Jeremiah back to his car at his dad's office & we called it a day. It was a pretty busy day, but it was really fun. It combined things we both loved!

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