Wednesday, August 19, 2015

7 Year Anniversary Recap!

That's right people, Jeremiah & I celebrated our seventh dating anniversary last Wednesday! We started off the day by running errands & having lunch at Jeremiah's dad's office. We both got take out pizzas, from a local pizza place that we looove. After we ate, Jeremiah decided we really needed to get going!

We drove about two hours from our town to play a small Par III golf course. But it definitely took us a lot longer to get there, because the directions to the place were very poor & we didn't think we'd ever find it! Once located, we got to playing- I'm not very good, but it was still really fun. After golfing we headed back towards our town but stopped about half way to eat at a local burger place. I was pretty disappointed because the food wasn't great. The bread was really weird, which ruined my grilled cheese. Down the street was a well-known bakery that I've been wanting to visit- so we decided to have desert there! I got a red velvet cake & Jeremiah got cheesecake. He claimed it was "the best cheesecake he'd ever had"! 

To finish the evening off we played mini-golf & Jeremiah barely beat me! We had planned on going to a movie afterwards, but decided we'd rather skip it & head back to my house to just watch a movie there. We got back to my house & my sister's new laptop had come in, so Jeremiah worked on getting all her programs installed. While things were downloading we started a movie, "LA Confidential". Things finally finished on her computer & so did our movie, which I actually really liked. Then I took Jeremiah back to his car at his dad's office & we called it a day. It was a pretty busy day, but it was really fun. It combined things we both loved!

Friday, August 7, 2015

A really good day

Long time no see, friends! I know it's been literally months since I've done a post but things have been crazy! I didn't get out of school for summer break until July 2nd, & since then Jeremiah & I have just been enjoying our time together. Yesterday was a really good day, so I figured I'd do a little post on it just for memories sake

The day started off pretty late, Jeremiah hadn't gotten to sleep in late in several days so I made sure not to call or text him until he got up. After he finally woke up, he went to our local hospital to get us some lunch. On Thursdays they make really good wraps, & I was craving one! He finally got here after getting the lunch & we ate downstairs. We came upstairs & were so lazy all day. I watched LifeTime movies while he got some computer work done. 

Later in the evening, we decided to eat dinner at our local Italian restaurant. I got a little pizza & Jeremiah got cheese ravioli! It was a really good dinner. We decided on our date we'd refrain from using our phones the entire time, & it was fun! To occupy our time we played paper football with the sugar packets until his salad came (he won, of course). 

Afterwards we went to Wal-Mart to get supplies for making homemade ice cream! We got all our goodies then headed back to my house to make some ice cream! We decided to have a competition & see who's ended up being better, so we each made our own. I made chocolate & Jeremiah made strawberry. Just from us tasting our batter, they both seemed like they're gonna be delicious! I'll link the recipes here and here. I cleaned up the kitchen while Jeremiah ran upstairs to turn on the Republican debate. I finally joined him & we watched the entire debate! Right near the end we tried to eat our ice cream, but it needed to chill a lot longer. When the debate ended, Jeremiah headed home & I called it a night.

We still haven't tried our ice cream, he has a golf tournament today- so I promised I'd wait so we could try them together & determine which one is better. It was just such a relaxing, chill day- something we needed- & was really enjoyable. 

I head back to school on the 24th & Jeremiah leaves on the 30th. This is our last year apart! It's so exciting, yet so upsetting that he's leaving already! I'll try to recap a few more things before he heads back to school. Our anniversary is next Wednesday, so I've been working on a gift for Jeremiah! Hopefully it works out well & we can find something to do that day!

Hope your summer has been warm & sunny!

Our Latest Reunion

This post is from May 10th, 2015- for some reason it was never posted! So here it is!

As you all know, Jeremiah got home last Saturday- which means I'm a week late... But better late than never!

On Saturday I had to be at school at 7am to help with senior boards. I did that until about 1 or so, then headed to get ready to pick up Jeremiah (I had worn scrubs that day & wanted to change). I went to my car & put my makeup on then got some lunch from Wendy's. When I got back to school I changed out my scrubs then headed back to my car to study. I had a Pathology final on Monday, so I was trying to squeeze in any extra study time I could! When I came close to time to leave, I got some gas then headed out. 

It took me about two hours to get there, maybe longer- seeing as how I missed about three of my turns because of traffic. But I finally got to the airport & parked in the one hour parking lot then headed inside to the baggage claim area. I checked to see where Jeremiah's luggage would come to & then waited in that area. 

He finally texted me & said he'd just landed then that he was on his way. I was so excited! A few minutes later k glanced over at the escalators & there he was coming down! Yay! After we hugged & kissed we checked the board again for where his luggage would come to. We ended up waiting about thirty minutes before it finally came out. We grabbed all his bags then went back to the car. 

After we left the airport we were both hungry. We were going to eat hibachi at a a place Jeremiah always goes when he's in that area but it was closed down. So we drove to the next town & ate there. It was good, but there was so much of it & neither of us could even halfway finish. 

We then headed home, with a few stops for gas & drinks. We didn't get home until 2am! The airport this time was about four hours from our town, so it made for a very long day. I met Jeremiah's dad so he could take him home. Then I went home & passed out.

I'm so excited that Jeremiah is home & I can't wait to spend time with him! Although I have summer classes we'll still get plenty of time together. 

Hope you're all having a great Mother's Day!!