Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So I know it's been a while...

I know, worst blogger award goes to me. I can't help it, I've been so busy this semester I can hardly tie my own shoes! But I figured I'd do a super quick update.

Jeremiah will be home Saturday (May 2nd)- whoooo! Just four more days & I can barely contain myself! I have a final this Thursday & have to be at school on Saturday for the senior's boards. So I'll be picking him up from the airport Saturday evening around 8. Kinda late, but so worth it. The following week I have three more finals then, a whole week off before summer semester starts. That's right, we go to school in the summer :( not the most exciting thing, but it's just for about 8 weeks so it's tolerable.

I can't believe my second semester of dental hygiene school is almost over. It's gone by even faster than the first. I'm finally seeing patients & learning so much. I can't wait to graduate & start my career.

I'll try to do an update Sunday after I pick up Jeremiah. I like to do those more for myself, so I can look back & remember all we did that day. Have a great Tuesday!!