Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day | 2015

Not gonna lie guys, this Valentine's Day was hard. I guess because it was on a weekend & all I had to do was sit around & whine about being away from Jeremiah- it made for a really long day. But I was really happy with what Jeremiah got me, so I thought I'd share.

Technically, I got my gifts on Thursday (February 12th) & opened them then- but they were still for Valentine's Day. My mom had already opened one of them because she thought it was something else I was expecting & had asked her to open it. So when I got home, one was on the counter & I opened it first. Inside were these really cool Jelly Beans. I mean really, really cool. They're called Bean Boozled & they're so fun, & so good & so gross, all at the same time! Jeremiah bought two boxes & had them both shipped to me, but I sent him one box back so he could play, too!

The game is, you spin the little wheel & it tells you which bean to eat- the catch is the gross ones & the yummy ones look the same! So you don't know if you'll be getting Licorice or Skunk Spray! Talk about nerve racking! There are a ton of different flavors, which makes it fun, too! My whole family & I have been playing this & it's hilarious!

Then, my sister said, "I took your poop emoji out of the bag! It's cute!". I responded with, "Thanks, that was my Valentine's Day gift & I didn't know what it was." She was like, "Oops". Oh well, so I went upstairs to check out my emoji. Jeremiah knows me all too well- this thing was super cute! And way softer than I expected! I seriously love this little poop emoji!

Like I said, this year was hard- but I made it through. I loved my gifts from Jeremiah & thought they were really creative & super sweet. I'm counting down the days until Jeremiah is home (74 days)! I hope you all had a loving Valentine's Day!

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