Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed your New Year's celebrations & brought in the new year with a bang!

I'm going to recap mine & Jeremiah's day/night.
Most of the day we just laid around & watched Cops (our favorite show). I did some laundry during commercial breaks & we just relaxed. 
We had plans to go to the movies at 7 & watch Unbroken but we both got lazy & decided not to. So, I kept getting ready because we were going to eat either way. I got ready, then realized Jeremiah's jeans weren't dry yet so we killed an hour & a half of time so they could be dry (or pretty close to it). 
After we finally got ready we headed out for dinner. Jeremiah wanted Chinese but I wanted Italian. We agreed on our local Italian restaurant (Yay!). We ordered our food & ate in & watched more Cops on the TV at the restaurant. 
We then went to Walmart to get some much needed supplies (cat food, cat treats & antibiotic ointment). We got all the goods then headed to the register & on our way the following conversation took place:
  Me: We got cat food, cat treats & antibiotic ointment. We've got it right, don't we?
  Jeremiah: Yeah, on New Year's Eve. 

I thought it was funny. We left Walmart then Jeremiah got ice cream at Dairy Queen & we came back to my house to get comfy for the rest of the night. 
I gathered a ton of pillows from around the house & Jeremiah made us a "fort" on my bed. We watched more Cops until it was time for the ball to drop & then we switched over to that. 
We shared our first kiss of the New Year then Jeremiah left to go home. 

It was a pretty chill evening but it was fun. Jeremiah & I have been relaxing during our breaks from school. We're both pretty exhausted from the hectic semester. He leaves to go back to school next Friday & of course, I'm not looking forward to it. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations & can keep up their New Year's resolutions. 

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