Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another Goodbye Recap :(

Wah. It's true, Jeremiah is gone back to school. He was here from December 13th, 2014 to January 9th, 2015. Almost a month, but I promise it didn't feel that long- it never does. I always wish we had more time to spend together, but I suppose I should be grateful he gets to come home at all.

So here's how the 9th went:

We got up kinda early & I met Jeremiah at his dad's office to pick him up. But, since it was his last day home I decided I'd get him breakfast from Dairy Queen (he loves their biscuits & gravy). So I swung by there, hoping it would be a quick stop, which it wasn't. Then, got back on the road to meet him. Once I got at the office Jeremiah was ready & he said goodbye to his dad & got in the car. We then realized that the lovely gravy was pouring out of the container & was everywhere in the DQ bag.. & the floor of my car. I grabbed the paper towels from the trunk & we dealt with the gooey mess before we could leave. We left right around the time we planned, 9:30a.m.

I stopped around 10a.m. to get gas & throw away the gooey mess from earlier, while Jeremiah tried to cram more things from his backpack to his suitcase. Let me tell you, that thing would barely zip! Back on the road we were, after just a few minutes! Jeremiah was afraid we would be late but I assured him we'd be there by 11:30a.m.- his flight wasn't until 12:50. The drive went by super fast of course, which I wasn't happy about. I was trying to cherish every last moment I had with him before he had to leave me again.

We arrived at the airport around 11:35a.m. & I pulled up to the passenger drop off/pick up. Jeremiah gave me a big hug & kiss, then got out to get his suitcase from the backseat. We said our sad goodbyes, hugged again & he was gone. Just like that our time together was over until May.   :(

I headed home, but stopped at a Sally Beauty Supply to get a new hair brush & foot scrubber. Then, I grabbed some lunch (fries & a chocolate milkshake, yuum). I stopped at a Dollar Tree to get some cards for upcoming birthdays, etc. & a couple of word search books for my dad. Jeremiah then called me & said they were getting off the plane, something was broken & they had to fix it. They were unsure how long it was going to be, but expected a big delay. He told me to turn around & come back so he could leave the airport if it was going to be several hours & if there were no more flights today he would just come home & try again tomorrow. So I killed some more time then headed back towards to airport.

I was about forty-five minutes from the airport when he called & said they were reboarding & we supposed to be leaving. I was kinda bummed, but I knew that was a possibility. So again, I turned around & went home.

Jeremiah made it to his first layover, then his second then to his final destination where a friend picked him up. He didn't land until about 1:30a.m. so it made for a really long travel day. It seems he always has the worst luck flying!

I'm counting down the days until he's home again. Hopefully this semester will go by just as fast as the last one! Just 113 more days, yippee!

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