Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Oh yes, I'm recapping some Christmas memories! Yippee!
I love the holiday season & I'm so thankful for the people I get to spend it with. 

We started out Christmas celebrations on Tuesday, first by having lunch with the staff at Jeremiah's dad's office. We ate Mexican, then headed back to the office to exchange gifts. Jeremiah & I stayed around there until that evening. I went with Jeremiah's mom to get our nails done while Jeremiah went in Walmart. Then, we went to Jeremiah's mom's house for gifts there. Jeremiah's mom got me a gorgeous Michael Khors purse, that I totally love. She always picks out great gifts! 
Jeremiah & I decided to leave around 10 but got halfway down the road & realized there was a tree down. So we turned around & went back to his mom's & called some people down the road to help up cut it up & get it out of the road. Finally, it was out of the way & we were moving again. 
My dad is in the hospital recovering from a back surgery so we stopped by the local hospital he's at & visited for about thirty minutes. Jeremiah's dad met me there & they headed home & so did I. 

Christmas Eve, I headed over to Jeremiah's house to open gifts with him, his sister & dad. I got a few little things (a Kentucky tshirt, a huge box of sour patch kids & a Rue21 gift card) there then we headed to his grandma's house (his dad's mom). We hung out there for a few hours until the food was ready & everyone came over to eat. Afterwards, we opened gifts & ate a little more (hehe). Then walked across the road to his aunt's to play some poker! I don't usually play but Jeremiah does & of course, he won't ($150!). We stayed over there for a long time while he played multiple rounds & I helped his aunt stuff stockings for the kids. We finally walked back over to his grandma's a little after 1AM. Can you say exhausted? I was! 

Then on Christmas day, Jeremiah's dad drove us to meet his mom & then we went to her mom's house. We ate when we got there & then opened gifts. Jeremiah was feeling pretty cruddy from his surgery, so he didn't do much socializing. Just a lot of sleeping. After we opened gifts, Jeremiah & I took a nap. We had intended to spend the night there but decided otherwise when Jeremiah was still feeling bad. So we came home & called it a night. 

Now it's a week later & I'm missing all the Christmas festivities. It all goes by way too fast.
In case you're wondering what the big gift was that Jeremiah got me, it hasn't arrived via the internet yet. I got him a new transmitter for his RC Airplane. As soon as I get my gift I'll recap the exhange. 
I hope you all had a great holiday season & a happy new year!

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