Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5-Step Thanksgiving Care Package

Long time no see, folks!
I'm going to jump right into this post & not waste my time by explaining- this is obviously a post about making a Thanksgiving Care Package!

Although I haven't officially put anything together yet, I do plan on sending Jeremiah a Thanksgiving themed care package. It's not going to be near as extravagant as last year but at least it's a little something to show I'm missing him.

A card. Duh, gotta have one of these! I haven't found the perfect one yet, so I might end up making my own! I really want a cute one with a turkey on it! I can picture it in my head..

The goodies.
Jeremiah is living in a house this year with some other guys so he has an actual kitchen (perk from leaving dorm life)! I know they probably won't have anything big for Thanksgiving, seeing as how a couple of the guys might spend it with their own families. 
But, I do want to send a few helpful "dinner items" for him, just in case they do decide to cook a few things! Obviously, I can't ship perishable items, so they'll all be non-perishable & easy.
I'm thinking a pack of instant mashed potatoes (they're really not that bad), definitely some type of pumpkin flavored individually wrapped cakes, popcorn (because yeah, the pioneers ate it- or at least we like to think that), a kit to make carmel dipped apples, a box of stuffing, some type of "trail mix", a can of gravy (for the potatoes), a can of green beans, & a gift card (to wherever I think is necessary).

The box. First things first: go flat rate. Those boxes are FREE & you pay a flat rate to ship everything! Best. invention. ever. I really want to decorate Jeremiah's box since I haven't gotten to do any this year. I found this on Google images (props to whoever made this!) & I am loving it! It's so, so cute & simple, too! I think in the bottom of the box it would also be cute to do a list of things you're thankful for (about your man, things he does for you, etc.)!
Mail it in time. Don't wait around & miss out on shipping ahead of time. You don't want that package to get there AFTER Thanksgiving, what use is that?? 

I'll be sure to post my box once it's completed, before I mail it out.
In the meantime, get to work on yours! 

It's super corny, but… I like to get a little stuffed animal to go in Jeremiah's boxes sometimes. I think a turkey is very appropriate! Include something sweet & personal in there, it doesn't have to be a stuffed animal! A picture would even be great!

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