Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Time, No See!

How's it going guys? Hopefully, you're enjoying some sunny weather on your extra long weekend (I know I am)! 
This week flew by, I felt like I barely had time to sleep! I'm in class from about 9am until 5pm- with a thirty minute to one hour lunch break in between(depending upon the day). I also drive an hour to school & back to my aunt's house; so that takes up a lot more time than you would think. Tomorrow it starts all over again & we begin our clinical practice settings- we don't waste any time folks! 
I'm looking forward to the hands on aspects though, I prefer it over sitting in a classroom for three hours! 
The homework & studying is pretty rough & takes up most of my time when I am at home (even on my long weekends). But, I know it's going to be worth it in a couple of years!

Jeremiah is loving school, he's couch shopping with his friends today! Hopefully, they'll find something pretty nice! He technically hasn't started class yet but will this week & I know then we'll be even more busy. Plus, he finally got to pick up his car & is enjoying every minute of having wheels! I honestly feel like I don't even have time to miss him, is that good or bad? Don't get me wrong, I do miss him (like crazy)- but I just don't have much time to think about it!

I've still got quite a bit of reading/studying left to do tonight- but in just a few minutes we are going to my grandma's for a Labor Day cook-out. Which is good, because I'm starving! 
I hope your weekend has been a great one & your week follows the same route!

P.S. I highly recommend to all Dental Hygiene students- purchase a rolling backpack. You'll thank yourself later, trust me :)   

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