Saturday, September 13, 2014

LASIK Eye Surgery Recap

So as I mentioned before, I had LASIK eye surgery- & as the title says this is going to be a recap. 

First thing when you get there they check all your vitals, because it is a surgery & that's kind of necessary. Then they take you in a nice waiting room for surgical patients only & give you a Valium. I have a very low tolerance to narcotic drugs & recommended they only give me half of the 10mg pill, so technically I took 5mg (and I'd like to say if I would have taken 10mg it would've knocked me out). Then you sit in your little room for about forty-five minutes waiting for your meds to kick in, real good. During that time you put on a lovely hair cap & they mark which eye or eyes will be receiving the procedure.
After waiting, they call you back & the doctor & all his assistants are waiting for you. You lay on a chair kind of like you would at the dentist & he gets started. 
I'm not going to go into all the gorey (is that even a word?) details about what they actually do- but I will say it's almost painless- you will feel a slight pinch but that's it. They repeat on the other eye & then boom- in less than twenty minutes your eyes are done!
After the surgery you sit in another room while the doctor does another surgery then comes in to see how your eyes look. They give you a gorgeous (not) pair of goggles to wear home & overnight & send you out the door. 

My eyes were extremely sensitive to light after the procedure, they give you sunglasses to wear over your goggles but that wasn't enough for me- so I basically rode home with a blanket over my head. I felt o.k. until the medicine started to wear off then that was when my eyes felt all itchy & they hurt to open them (I guess because of the light). It literally felt like someone held my eyes open, threw in a handful of sand- then told me not to rub them. It was really uncomfortable, not painful, just uncomfortable. Thankfully, they gave me some medicine to take home & my mom gave me one of those. It knocked me out for a few hours & when I woke up I could see!

The procedure was super easy & I definitely recommend it to any long-term glasses/contact wearers out there. I am so happy with my results. I do have dry eyes sometimes, but I use Refresh Lubricating Eye Drops- Preservative Free, please make sure you get the preservative free ones- they are so much better for your eyes!
I still haven't gotten used to not wearing my glasses. I know I can see, but I still think- "Where are my glasses?", "I need to put my glasses on." It's hard to get adjusted to- but it's slowly happening! Again, I am super pleased with my results- I can see 20/15, glasses & contact free! Yay!

September BirchBox

I know, I know- I say this every month- but this month's box was definitely my favorite! There were so many good finds in there! I can't wait to show you, so let's jump into it!

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Perfume
I'm normally pretty picky about my perfumes, you know it's got to be good for me to love it! It's a strong scent, but that's what I like- something long lasting, too. It's not fruity at all (which I love), but if that's your thing I wouldn't recommend it. I'm devastated at the full-size price, I really would've repurchased this one- not now!
Full-size: $110

Harvey Prince Agless Liquid Loofa
First can I just say, I want to eat this body wash because it smells sooo good! I love it! It doesn't have a rough exfoliating texture, so I'm not sure it does that as much as it claims to- but I love it anyways! It's got a great, fresh, spring scent to it! The sample was an OK size, could've been bigger- but I'm not complaining.
Full-size $22

Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner
Perk: This eyeliner is waterproof! It goes on super duper smooth & has an all day finish. The sample, was practically a full-size pencil, so I'm very happy! I don't normally use a pencil liner but I'll def finish this one off!
Full-size $15

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel
This quick, acid-free peel left my skin feeling soft & looking flawless with an amazing glow. The peel doesn't take long to use & I'd love to add it to my weekly routine! It exfoliates, yet isn't harsh enough to dry out your skin (since it's acid-free). My skin looks & feels great!
Full-size: $48

Whish Shave Crave- Acai Grapefruit
This shaving cream smells simply delicious! You get a few good shaves out of the sample, so it's a decent size. It left my legs feeling silky smooth! The packaging is super cute, too!
Full-size: $20

ChapStick Hydration Lock: Day & Night 24 Hour Care
This was a "find" I received in my box this month. I'm super excited about it because I've never gotten one before! But onto my review-- I like the ChapStick brand, who doesn't? But I'm always excited to switch up a classic! The Day ChapStick has SPF 12 & glides on super smooth. It lasts a pretty good amount of time & it tasteless- which I like. The Night Chapstick however, is a fruity taste to it- which I also like, I guess thats because it contains tamanu oil, natural butters & some antioxidants. It lasts all night & I can still feel it on my lips in the mornings. I love, love, love this ChapStick & am super grateful for BirchBox allowing me to receive it! 
#birchbox #chapstickplease #giveaway
Full-size: $2.99

Like I said, I loved this month's box! Unfortunately, this is my last BirchBox for a while, though. My mom made me pick between BirchBox or Sirius XM Radio- I chose the radio, I gotta have my XM! Hopefully, within the next few months I'll be able to renew it, though! I'm truly going to miss you, BirchBox :( 

Happy Saturday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Time, No See!

How's it going guys? Hopefully, you're enjoying some sunny weather on your extra long weekend (I know I am)! 
This week flew by, I felt like I barely had time to sleep! I'm in class from about 9am until 5pm- with a thirty minute to one hour lunch break in between(depending upon the day). I also drive an hour to school & back to my aunt's house; so that takes up a lot more time than you would think. Tomorrow it starts all over again & we begin our clinical practice settings- we don't waste any time folks! 
I'm looking forward to the hands on aspects though, I prefer it over sitting in a classroom for three hours! 
The homework & studying is pretty rough & takes up most of my time when I am at home (even on my long weekends). But, I know it's going to be worth it in a couple of years!

Jeremiah is loving school, he's couch shopping with his friends today! Hopefully, they'll find something pretty nice! He technically hasn't started class yet but will this week & I know then we'll be even more busy. Plus, he finally got to pick up his car & is enjoying every minute of having wheels! I honestly feel like I don't even have time to miss him, is that good or bad? Don't get me wrong, I do miss him (like crazy)- but I just don't have much time to think about it!

I've still got quite a bit of reading/studying left to do tonight- but in just a few minutes we are going to my grandma's for a Labor Day cook-out. Which is good, because I'm starving! 
I hope your weekend has been a great one & your week follows the same route!

P.S. I highly recommend to all Dental Hygiene students- purchase a rolling backpack. You'll thank yourself later, trust me :)