Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend literally flew by, before I knew it Monday was here again! 
Saturday Jeremiah was supposed to play in a golf tournament but it ended up getting cancelled & so we headed over to his grandma's for one last visit before he heads back to school. We ate lunch at the italian restaurant in our area & then he recorded an audition, that he soon had to send in. Afterwards, we finally headed to his grandma's for dinner & some family time. Unfortunately, the power was out & Jeremiah couldn't edit his video he recorded as much as he had planned to- but he did the best with what he had to work with. Thankfully, his grandpa has a generator & was able to run it for just long enough for his grandma to heat the food up. We ate dinner & just hung out outside (since it was cooler out there than it was in the house). When it started to get dark we built a little fire & roasted marshmallows & hot dog weenies. I don't normally eat but maybe two roasted marshmallows but for some reason these turned out so, so good! I unfortunately, ate about five :/ Seriously, they were so good, though!
After the marshmallows were all gone Jeremiah, his sister & I decided to head back. I didn't have my car Saturday so Jeremiah's little sister offered to take me home (& Jeremiah tagged along for the ride). We stopped at Taco Bell for some late night quesaritos (warning: if you have not tried these yet, immediately visit your Taco Bell & purchase one- you will be forever hooked). We brought them back to my house, ate & then Jeremiah & his sister left.
Sunday afternoon was Jeremiah's cousins' second birthday (they're twins). So we headed to his other grandma's for that party. The boys are so, so cute at this age- they're talking really well & love interacting with people. I could sit & watch them all the time! We ate pizza, enjoyed some yummy Bubble Guppies birthday cake & watched them open all their gifts. Afterwards we headed across the street to his grandma's house & visited with her, while watching the PGA Golf Tournament. We stayed there for a few hours & then went back to Jeremiah's to finish watching the tournament. (I would like to add I picked Rory McIlroy from the beginning). I went home after the tournament went off & that basically wraps up our weekend.

Oh, & guess what!? Today is mine & Jeremiah's six year anniversary. We really don't have anything planned yet. Right now, he's taking a call back via Skype & then we are going to lunch. I cannot believe it's been six years already- time flies by so quickly. I am so looking forward to the years coming!
I hope you're all having a great Tuesday! 

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