Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Out for a few

So I've been putting off blogging about this for a while, because I don't really like to talk about it. But tomorrow I'm having Lasik Eye Surgery (I've been a glasses wearer for almost ten years, now). I won't be able to blog for a few days because of the need to rest my eyes. So I figured I'd recap today (Jeremiah left) & then sign-off until Monday, more than likely. I've heard it's a really easy procedure but I don't want to over do it, staring at a computer all day & strain my eyes.

Here's how today went:
I got up at 7:35am to get ready to meet Jeremiah at his dad's office, to say good-bye before his flight. I left my house around 8:15am & got there at 8:25am. Jeremiah was already there & inside about to eat his Taco Bell breakfast. I headed in & we made casual conversation while he finished eating. I asked where his dad's car was (his ride to the airport) & it was a the body-shop next door get it's tire fixed. Somehow a screw got into his tire & they noticed this morning- thank goodness! The drive to the airport is about four hours long, & it would be horrible to get a flat on their way there! After that was fixed up, we ran some errands.

I accidentally forgot to grab Jeremiah's school hoodie when I left my house this morning- so the first thing we did was run to my house & grab that. Last night, Jeremiah decided to mail somethings to school, in order to reduce the amount of weight in his suitcase- if you've ever had to pay extra for your luggage weighing over fifty pounds, then you'll understand this. It costs a fortune. So we headed to the post office- mailed his package & check my families' P.O. box then went to the DMV. Jeremiah will be getting a car this year & they are purchasing at a place near his school. So, we had to get everything lined out at the DMV so he can get tags from our current state (his dad's insurance won't cover a car out there so it has to have tags & be registered here). That was a hot mess. They could only give him tags for three days & until then he has to suck it up & ride the school trolly (or walk), until his dad can mail him the tags. 
And before you ask, he won't be getting 30-day tags because he's buying his car from an independent person, not affiliated with a car dealership in any way- so that's not even an option.
We were supposed to stop at our local grocery store & get a prescription for Jeremiah's mom & some allergy medicine for him- but we were cutting it close on time & didn't want to risk it. So, after all that was straightened out we went back to his dad's office & hung out with his mom & just wasted some time. Then it was time for the dreaded good-byes. 

Of course, tears were shed- even though I tried hard not to. And we went our separate ways. Except when I saw Jeremiah & his dad pull over at the gas station near my house, then I pulled over to & gave him an extra hug. I cannot express how much I'm going to miss this boy, he is my everything & him leaving is the hardest thing I've ever been through. But like Jeremiah said, it should be so much easier this time around- I'm hoping he's right. 

I'll be back & blogging within a few days- once I feel my eyes are ready! Until then, best of luck! 

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