Saturday, August 16, 2014

Missing Kitten

As you may have read in a past post we had two kittens my sister had found. Unfortunately, yesterday at 7am was the last time we saw our black & white one, Raisin. The kittens had recently started spending the night outside & being out all day- they were loving it! For some reason though, Raisin just disappeared yesterday morning! Boris, her brother, normally sticks with her all the time so we cannot figure out why this time would be any different- but he's here & she isn't! They're only about four or five months old- I'm not sure if that's old enough for her to go into heat or not- if she was I suppose that's a possibility of why she ran away. 
Thoughts & prayers are much appreciated- as is any adivce. Boris is missing her very much, he is constantly wandering around meowing for her. It's pitiful.
Pictured: Raisin, she was bigger than this now. But it's the most recent photo we have of her :(

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