Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm Back… not really

This post is gonna be short, sweet & to the point.
Dental hygiene is not joke- it's a hard program & it requires a lot of studying & effort.
So for as long as I can think, I'm going to be absent. I might post closer to the end of the week or on the weekend but I'm really trying to buckle down & get my school work done.

As for my Lasik eye surgery, it went great. I can see just like with glasses- but the best part is they aren't there anymore! Yay! I love it. It was a really easy procedure & I highly recommend it. Maybe this weekend I can do a recap on it. 

For now, I'm gonna be on break- or until I finish dental hygiene :p
My posts, are going to be few & far between probably. 

Have a great week- oh & Jeremiah is loving school. I miss him a lot, but time is flying by!

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