Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday Recap (August 1st, 2014)

So in case you haven't already noticed, I've been using my blog more for recaps. I've realized I'm not going to remember every day I spend with Jeremiah or remember what we do- so I've decided to write them down. And this is the perfect way. So here goes Friday:

I hung out at home for a while then Jeremiah came up & ate some chicken. Then he realized he had to pay his entry fee for a golf tournament he's playing in today. So we headed to our local golf course to pay his fees & play nine holes. Of course, I sucked it up. I'm still not very good- but it takes practice. Then we came back to my house to eat dinner with my parents. My mom mad homemade fried chicken, corn on the cob, peas, mashed potatoes & brown gravy & Texas toast! It was delicious! After that we watched tv & I helped Jeremiah practice his lines for his upcoming school play. 
He went home & I prepped for today. 

I hope your Saturday is warm & sunny!

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