Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Surprise Gift

First I want to recap Thursday, I know it's a little late but I had originally had this post planned for a few days ago & forgot to get it up, oops! Anyways, here goes Thursday (August 14th, 2014) it was spent doing nothing but running lines with Jeremiah. He has to have his part for the fall play memorized by the time he returns to school & it's approaching quickly! We ran lines, took a break to get Jeremiah's hair cut then went to his favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. We came back to my house, ran more lines then Jeremiah headed home for a dinner his dad was having for his church.

As for today I got my TB test read (I had to get one for my Dental Hygiene program), got some groceries at Wal-Mart & then headed to Jeremiah's. Also, before I went to Wal-Mart I went to our local animal shelter to see if anyone had brought in my sweet little Raisin but had no luck, I'm still praying she's well taken care of & in good hands. Jeremiah got a new fridge & it had to be cleaned out before any food was put in it so, we did that then went back to Wal-Mart to buy Jeremiah's Roku, I'll link them up here. These things are seriously awesome- take a minute to check them out!
We came back to my house for a few then headed to pick up a cake for a lady who works for his dad (it was her birthday today). We had cake with them then hung out there before we came back here to kill time before we had dinner with Jeremiah's mom & sister. We ate some yummy mexican food & now I'm back here!

Now let's get into this DIY!

Jeremiah leaves this Wednesday & I'm not happy about it.
I knew I wanted to make him a little something before he left & this is what I came up with!
Jeremiah opened his blender & left it at my house (still in the box) so I took the cup out of the box & thought of some stuffers for it. I wanted it to be things that reminded him of us & home. 
I started off with a bouncy ball, Jeremiah & I get one at almost every store we go in (from the little machines beside the doors). Then I added a strip of pictures from the photo booth at the mall, took a few pictures of myself, Daisy & Marly with the Polaroid camera I gave Jeremiah for Easter & added a sweet note explaining why all this stuff was inside his cup! 
I picked up some Cherry flavored ChapStick (Jeremiah & I always use that kind) & a pack of gum. I'm sure I'll find a few other things I'll want to add, but for now that's it. 
I also wrote on the bottom of each of the Polaroids. Jusf a few cute notes to remind him I love him & I'll see him in December! 

This summer has gone by so quickly, I can't believe it's already ending. My heart aches knowing Jeremiah will be leaving again, but I know it's something he has to do. I'll cry a lot for a few days & then fall back into my routine as I did when he left last fall. He'll constantly be on my mind & heart, but time will go by quickly & before I know it he'll be back home for Christmas. I'm in high hopes that this year will be a lot easier emotionally, since I know what to expect. Maybe time will go by even faster! 

I hope this post gave you a cute idea to show you're going to miss that special person. Maybe instead of a blender bottle you could get a nice water bottle & fill it with stuff, or even just a little box!
Best of luck to all those ladies who's men are heading back to college soon!

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  1. oh what a cute present! thats a good idea about the water bottle.