Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Anniversary Recap

As I stated in my last post, today (or should I say yesterday?) was mine & Jeremiah's six year anniversary. I decided to do a little recap, mostly for my own sake & good. I love that I can look back on my posts & it brings back memories of that day! 
We started off our day pretty late, honestly. There was no plan or rush- we both slept in! I woke up around 10:30 & waited to hear from Jeremiah. Sometimes his wifi goes in & out so when it was 12:00 & I still hadn't heard from him, I thought it was just out & it wasn't a big deal. I got some stuff done around the house & just hung out for a while. Then out of nowhere, Jeremiah shows up at my house- frantic to use my desktop for a Skype audition/call back he had scheduled (which he couldn't do at his house because the internet was out). 
He got everything ready, did that & then we headed to my grandparent's house for a few minutes. My grandpa was trying to install an antivirus system on his computer but couldn't figure it out. So we fixed that, then ate a little chinese food (from Jeremiah's favorite place). 
Afterwards we went to Jeremiah's house to clean it up a little (his dad is having a church meeting there on Thursday & needed it to be spiffied up a bit before). We also went through Jeremiah's closet to decide what clothes he was giving to the Good Will & what clothes he was going to take to the consignment shop to sell. It took a pretty long time to do all that, so by the time we left his house it was almost 5. He also gave me another one of my presents while we were there. I had asked about it earlier (because I knew what it was & couldn't figure out why it hadn't came in yet)- so he casually just put it on my phone & laid it back on the table for me to find. It turned out really cute! He made a phone case with our picture on it & on the bottom of the case it says "Together since 08/12/2008". So adorable & sweet, I absolutely love it!
Then we came back to my house to wait to get hungry again for our anniversary dinner. I did a few BirchBox reviews while Jeremiah worked on getting my families' computer set up. We hung out outside with my mom & played with my two kittens my sister found, before we played Cuponk. Which is basically a cup & ping pong ball- that you try to do tricks with. We finally were getting hungry & decided we had better eat since it was almost 8.
We ate at our local steakhouse, I had a salad & a baked potato- while Jeremiah had steak stir fry on rice. We both really like this restaurant, & they definitely didn't disappoint us tonight- the rolls were spot on! 
Jeremiah said he needed to run in Wal-Mart, so I sat in the car while he went in there for a few minutes. He came back with roses for me, chocolate chip cookies (I had just said I really wanted some cookies), a car holder/hanger for my cell phone (which I use as a GPS when I drive), & a few other things I didn't see until we got back to my house. I'll link the cell phone holder here, it's call the Bondi & I am obsessed with it, it's everything I need!
 When we got there I put my flowers in a vase & then followed Jeremiah upstairs. He had also bought the movie Flubber at Wal-Mart, we both loved this movie as kids- so it was exciting to watch it together! Plus, it was like a little dedication to Robin Williams. We watched the movie, ate our chocolate chip cookies & some baked barbecue chips! 
After our movie went off Jeremiah decided to head home, since it was getting late. I had such a good time with him today. We flew by the seat of our pants & just enjoyed being together. Now, we're on our way to seven years & I know this year will be just as great as the last six. He's an amazing person, whom I love with all my heart. I wouldn't wish for our relationship to be any other way, well maybe just a little closer in distance (hehe). 
I love you so, so much Jeremiah & cannot wait to see what the next year brings for us! 

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