Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anniversary Gifts

So although mine & Jeremiah's anniversary isn't until Tuesday- all our gifts for each other had came in & we decided to go ahead & exchange them!
We both have a problem with waiting to give each other our gifts.
So, we figured this was close enough!

First, Jeremiah opened his.
The post I did on his gifts will be linked here.
Be sure to check it out to see what Jeremiah received!
Then, I opened my gift.
The past few months I've been thinking Jeremiah was getting me a new promise ring, I already have one- but I was just getting a vibe from him that that's what it was going to be.
So he handed me a tiny, red heart-shaped box! I opened it & inside was a little piece of paper that said J.K. (just kidding)! I was like what? lol.
I turned the paper over & saw that it told me the real location of my present (in the closet where we keep the vacuum). So off I went to find it.
I found it on top of the clothes rack in the closet, wrapped in awesome Duck Dynasty paper (Jeremiah knows I love Duck Dynasty & everything they stand for).
So I brought the gift back in my room & proceeded to open it.
It was really heavy. I had no idea what it could be!
Then I opened the back of it then I saw it said something about a "notebook" & I was like hmm.
So I flipped it over & saw the front! Which had a picture of a pretty laptop & the side read, "MacBook Air". Can you say pumped? I was!
I've been wanting a laptop for so long- the one I currently have, Jeremiah gave to me to use for school. So to have a brand new one, just made my day (& my school year)! I am so excited to use it! 

I hope you all have a great Friday! 
Looking forward to this weekend :)

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