Sunday, July 20, 2014


So today's plan went down the drain. 

I woke up around 8:15 with severe stomach & back pain. I have a very high pain tolerance & I knew something wasn't right. I woke up Jeremiah & we decided I should tell my mom. Of course, she insisted on a trip to the ER. Blah. 

I was cringing in pain the entire way there. When finally getting to the hospital, I didn't even make it to the doors before I started vomiting. They took me back quickly & I was placed in an exam room. 

The doctor came in pretty quickly & ordered bunches of tests. I had what felt like a bazillion tubes of blood taken- then they put in my IV. I laid there for about an hour before they came in to give me pain medication. The first dose did nothing but make me dizzy- so we finally found someone to increase it & it gave me a little relief. By this time they had me chugging water so I could undergo a CT Scan. I hadn't even had breakfast & here I was in the worst pain of my life & trying to drink that stupid water. I finished quite a lot of it & they took me back.

Of course, Jeremiah went with us to the hospital- so he gave me a big hug & kiss & went to find a muffin with my mom while I was wheeled away for my scan. 
On the way to the scanner, the lady pushing my bed was telling me how she could tell Jeremiah really cared about me & seemed so concerned. I was like yeah, he's pretty great & I'm pretty lucky to have him. 

I did the scan & the contrast they inject you with burns so, so bad (in case you were wondering). I was doing o.k. until the end & then I got sick again. All that water on an empty stomach didn't sit well, I guess. But my nurse was really nice & kept saying it was fine. 

I returned to my room & Jeremiah came in right after. Then it was just a waiting game. Finally about an hour later the doctor came in & said I had a kidney stone. UGH. Who knew such a small thing could cause so much pain.

Thankfully mine is only 2mm. So hopefully it won't cause me too much more pain. 
But seriously, I always thought people with kidney stones exaggerated, no- they do not, at all. Those suckers are the most painful thing I've ever experienced. 

Afterwards, Jeremiah & I ate a really late breakfast & then napped for a while until it was time for Jeremiah to cook dinner for my family. Talladega Nights came on a random channel so we watched a little of it & then played rummy again. 

Jeremiah & I cuddled for a bit & watched Rugrats before calling it a night. I'm literally exhausted. Completely. I'm thrilled I get to sleep in tomorrow! 

Have a great Monday!

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