Saturday, July 19, 2014

Par 3

Today Jeremiah & I played a nice Par 3 course about forty-five minutes from our rental house. I suppose I played alright, but I've still got a long way to go. Golf is a darn hard sport. Really hard. And frustrating. 

Afterwards we stopped by the outlet mall again & I got myself a new Nike golf shirt, there was a great sale there today! We had lunch at the food court & then checked out some other random shops. 

We were back to the rental by "high tide" so Jeremiah could fish with my dad. While he fished I spent a little time with my mom & sister by the pool. Then it started raining & totally killed the fishing. Yet, Jeremiah & I swam in the rain anyways, which was weird- but fun, too. 

The plan was for Jeremiah to cook for my family tonight but we were all tired & just decided to call in some pizza, pasta & wings. Jeremiah & I went to pick it up & grab some groceries from the store.

After eating we watched the new episode of Cops (you know Jeremiah & I can't miss it!). Now we're all sitting around the table playing rummy. Literally we've been playing this for almost three hours.. exhausting. 

Tomorrow the plan is to go to a huge flea market, if it rains. But we'll probably end up going either way because it's a weekend only thing. Jeremiah & my dad are going to check out a gun show in town in the AM then go with us to the flea market. Sounds like fun? I know right!

I hope your Sunday is a Funday!

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