Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Vacation Day

Today there was no rush, no alarm clocks & no schedule. We went on a total whim & it was a great day!

Jeremiah & I were up by 10:30 & ready for some pool time- of course, after having some Apple Jacks & Trix cereal. 

My mom was already out by the pool so we joined her. We played a tennis-like game & swam some laps before having a few underwater races, a tradition.
Jeremiah went inside to shower (he's not much of a swimmer). Suddenly, we all realized it was our last day here & we still hadn't been to the beach. So I ran inside & talked Jeremiah into going with us- then we packed up the car & off we went. We only spent about forty-five minutes there but it was really fun. Normally my mom doesn't get in but this time she did & we all enjoyed ourselves. We rinsed off with those gross beach showers, you use for your feet then came back to our house. We ordered Domino's pizza for lunch & then decided to rest a little. 

Jeremiah & I opted out of going to the outlet mall since we had already made a stop there the other day. So we stayed back & napped while my mom & sister went shoe shopping. After they got back we got ready for dinner. My mom & sister were tired so it was just Jeremiah & I at a little Chinese restaurant with a sushi bar. We finished our dinner then played 18 holes of mini golf. Seriously, we love mini golf. It took a long time because they were so crowded but it was still a blast. 

We got back to the house around 10:30, finished packing then watched Cops
Now we've all laid down for the night. We've got a flight tomorrow back home, wah. But I have to say I'm missing my fur-babies! 

This vacation has been really memorable & fun. I'm so blessed to have a great family & boyfriend to spend a fun vacation with. I only wish we got to go more than once a year! 

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