Friday, July 18, 2014

Golf Adventures

Today Jeremiah & I visited a really neat golf place (sorry, I'm not naming it). It was really nice, yet not too expensive. We also watched a movie at IMAX & then played a little putt-putt, you all know we love that. Except this putting was on real greens & everything! 

We hit up a couple of outlet malls, Jeremiah wanted to look in Gucci for some drivers- but no luck on those. We'll just keep looking!

Then we met up with my family back at our rental house & enjoyed some relaxing pool time before getting ready for dinner. Now we're back in for the night & quite exhausted!

Getting an early start tomorrow with a 10am tee time!

Happy Friday!

Apologizes for the short posts, I'm just trying to recap somethings for future memories. I want to look back on these posts!  Enjoy your weekend :)

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