Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Recap!

Ahh, I just love long weekends. Especially ones that involve lots of food & fireworks!
Friday morning I got to sleep in just a little, but had to be at Jeremiah's house by 1.
From there, we left & headed to his aunt's house for some celebrations. Every year she has all of his family over- which is a ton of adults & kids!
The weather was just amazing! I'd been waiting to find just the right top for the fourth- & I finally got my hands on this one.
When I stopped by Target the other day, it caught my eye & I knew I had to have it. So I sported this little number all day. I'll link it up here. I got a size up, so it would be extra flowy.

Anyways, back to Friday.
After finally getting to Jeremiah's aunt's house we did some socializing & then the food was finally ready. I just love to eat, there was so much & it was all so, so good! Props to those ladies up there, who can all cook!
After letting our food settle & doing a little karaoke singing, we commenced the annual baseball game.
We divided ourselves into teams & then the first inning began!
It actually ended in a tie, which was a bummer- because our team was really good!
After baseball, we let all the kids throw a ton of water balloons. Jeremiah's uncle fills at least three or four huge, huge buckets- and I mean like you could fit six toddlers in these things. Huge.
Jeremiah & I always run to the safe spot (inside the house)- to avoid being hit. He had a really bad experience with it one year & we haven't gone back out since!
By this time, it was dark enough to start some fireworks & we did.
His family always has the best fireworks. They're always amazing & put on such a good show!
After all the fireworks were gone we all went back for seconds on the food & gambled a bit.
Jeremiah's sister actually won! 

Saturday morning I had breakfast with my family at a local restaurant- where we ran into my grandma having breakfast alone! So of course she joined us. Then, I visited Jeremiah's other side of his family (his mom's side) & ate more food.
I guarantee I put on at least four pounds this weekend. 
We didn't stay long enough for it to get dark over there so no fireworks. :(
We spent the rest of the evening watching tv & made our Saturday hibachi run.

Sunday was pretty lazy. 
Jeremiah came up around 1:30 & we made pizza & wings. Seriously, go to your store & buy the DiGiornos' pizza & wings kit- it's so good.
Jeremiah attends a flying club on Sundays around 2:30- it usually lasts until about 5:30. It's just a bunch of aviation fans hanging out & flying their (awesome) RC planes & few RC helicopters. So he spent some time up there & then came back here for some Sanjay & Craig episodes. We're obsessed with this show- it's so funny. If you enjoy SpongeBob (which we do), you'll love it.
After catching up on our episodes we ate at a local mexican restaurant with Jeremiah's dad & uncle (who was in for the fourth). 
I headed home afterwards for an evening of boredom- or so I thought..
Jeremiah called twenty minutes after I got home & asked me to come help him get his RC plane out of a tree (my dad has a really long stick- that is used to work on power lines- that he needed). So I packed up that thing & headed over. We finally got his plane down & then played some ping-pong & pool with his dad, uncle & sister. It ended up being a really fun evening. His family is so funny, so it's constant laughing the whole time.
Also, yesterday was national kissing day- I hope you all got in some kisses from your sweeties!

I'm gonna throw today into my weekend recap also- so here goes.
Today Jeremiah & I headed to our local golf course & played nine holes. I'm working on learning to play (Jeremiah really enjoys golf- & is really good- so I'd like to learn to play so we can do it together). I actually played pretty good today, it was the first time I'd played a full round of golf. I usually get mad & give up- but today I played through & really enjoyed it.
Afterwards we had lunch at a nice restaurant & then did a little geocaching/hiking. 
I'm addicted to geocaching. Seriously.
Here's a cute squirrel from our geocaching hunt today.

Later this evening we went to Jeremiah's mom's house & made more pizza & wings- this time from scratch (not using a boxed kit). Then, set off some of the fireworks Jeremiah bought. 
We did make a few home-made explosions & it was hilarious. I mean, who doesn't think watching a hamburger bun explode isn't funny!? And it's even more funny when you stick the firework in the ground wrong & it sprays at you (kinda scary though)!

Before & After

    Jeremiah found an old wrestler that he used to play with at his mom's house- so of course, we strapped 3 fireworks to him. He came out pretty darn good I think.

Now I'm sitting here writing this blog & trying to keep Marly out of my bag of stuff I took today. She's a nut.
I hope you all had a blessed weekend & enjoyed celebrating our freedom

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