Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Wednesday we all got up around 9- we had plans to visit the downtown area for the day. But my mom & sister decided they didn't want to go, so Jeremiah & I figured we might as well go. 

We were in the downtown area by 10:30, but it took a good fifteen minutes to find parking & figure out how to work a meter. Yes, it was rather challenging. Finally, after getting all our ducks in a row we were on our way to do a little shopping. 

Jeremiah got a cute turtle wind chime-like thing for his mom & some kangaroo jerky for his little sister. I got a few cat items for my room & a flower pot for my mom, since she decided not to come. 

We had lunch at a place that was used to be really good. I love, love, love their cheese soup but yesterday the rest of the food just wasn't too good. We ate a little bit of it but ended up getting Panda Express afterwards. 

We came back to the house, took a nap, fished some & then got ready for dinner. We ate at one of my family's favorite steakhouses & then returned home. We had planned to putt-putt after but somehow changed our minds. 

The rest of the evening was spent watching tv & playing Texas Hold 'Em

The downtown area is always really enjoyable & pretty, I'm glad Jeremiah got to see it with me. I've loved having him here. 

Coming up: Our last day of vacation :(

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