Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Buying for the man who has everything!

Ladies, you all know it's true! Guys are impossible to buy for!
It seems that Jeremiah has everything- so what do I get him!?
Jeremiah has always been really hard to buy for, but it seems lately it's been even harder!
Our anniversary is less than two weeks away & I still feel like I need to get him something else.
Jeremiah usually picks out two or three things he would like & I surprise him with one of them. It's easier for me & he gets something he can actually use.
This year is totally opposite. He can't find anything he wants & the one idea I had for him is sold out!
Darn you, Horizon Hobby.

So I've turned to a few little gifts instead.
He decided that he'd prefer to wait until he gets back to school & can check out some basketball schedules for the NBA & then let me get him a few tickets for him & his friends to go.
Which is cool with me, but I still have to get him something!
So here's what I've picked up so far.

I am addicted to Zulily & their deals! If you don't have an account, click here & make one immediately. It's amazing. So, they had a great sale on perfumes & colognes about a month ago & it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to get something for Jeremiah. He really likes Lacoste- lucky for me, they had some on sale! So I ordered him a 2.5 ounce bottle of the Lacoste Red (Style in Play) cologne. I paid $30 for it & I'm pretty positive it's regularly at least $50. 


Next I got him some underwear from American Eagle (Classy? I know right). I got them two for $20 but gave him one pair already, oops.
He really like AE underwear & it's a super easy, yet slightly personalized gift I can pick up!
The pair I already gave him is the opposite of these- with leopard on the band & black on the trunk.

Jeremiah got the PlayStation 4 for Christmas & he is constantly charging the controllers with that darn cord. It seems as if they are never charged! So I ordered him a PS4 Controller Charging Station from Amazon. It was only $19 ($5 less than Wal-Mart's price), plus I got 2-day free shipping with my Prime Membership. Hopefully he'll make good use of this at school & it won't be such a headache to keep his controllers charged. 

Finally, the biggest thing I'm getting him was something he's been eye balling for quite some time
An individual/single serving smoothie maker
This year at college he is living in a module home with several other guys, so they will have their own, full-fucntiong kitchen. Perfect for a smoothie maker.
Jeremiah loves smoothies- so the fact that he can make his own at home, is perfect!
I've been eye balling the Oster My Blend Smoothie Maker. I've searched high & low for a black one & Target has one in stock- so guess where I'm headed? You got it, Target!
Hopefully they'll have them through Thursday, because I can't make it out there today or tomorrow :(

When buying for Jeremiah I've learned to pay attention to the things he needs or has mentioned he likes. He usually doesn't intentionally hint about things he wants- so it's a pretty difficult process. I'll still get him the game tickets when he finds some he's interested in. Until then, this will have to do.

P.S. I promise I haven't forgotten about the Open When Letters I promised to post on, I just haven't found time to put the post together yet! Oops.
It'll be up soon, pinky!
Happy almost Hump Day!

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