Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Recap (July 31st, 2014)

Today I spent most of the day cleaning & getting ready.
Jeremiah called around one-ish & said he had a date planned for us & to be ready by 5:30.
I said okay :) & finished up my cleaning before starting to get ready.
The only hint I had was that it was going to be a "old times" date.
So cute, right?

At 5:30 Jeremiah told me to meet him at our local Italian restaurant for dinner. 
So off I went!
We had dinner- I had a spaghetti & salad while Jeremiah had a little BBQ pizza & bacon cheese fries (super healthy).

Afterwards, I hopped in his car & we drove around for a few minutes until it was time for the 7:00 movie! We watched The Purge- Anarchy. Jeremiah knows I get super cold during movies (the theatre is always so cold), so he brought me an old sweater that he had. The big thing when we were younger was to give each other your jackets- I still have one of his & he still keeps that one of mine. He brought that sweater, & of course I wore it. It was the most adorable thing ever, him recreating old stuff like that.
Then Jeremiah took me back to my car & I came home & took a test for my Abnormal Psychology class.

The purpose of Jeremiah naming our date "old times" was because when we were first dating we always went to an italian restaurant in our town before we went to the movies (like literally, every Friday). Unfortunately, the place that holds all our old, old memories is closed down now- but the newer one is almost just as good!
It was so sweet of him to think to do something like that, he's just the cutest.

Tomorrow is the first day of August & it makes my heart hurt.
Jeremiah will be leaving on the 21st & I start school around the 16th (my classes don't start until the 20th, thankfully- but the activities start the weekend before).
I'm so bummed he'll be gone, but I know it has to happen.

Oh! I almost forgot, today we saw Jeremiah in his commercial!
It wasn't his first time being on television, he's had a few minor roles (mostly non-speaking), but this is his first larger role with a speaking part (that we've seen)! It was so exciting!
I'm so happy for him! He loves what he's doing & he is working so hard at it.
I can't wait to see how many roles he receives in the future- like I said before, the kid can act!

Open When Letters

Unfortunately, I did not come up with this idea on my own- I owe all props to Pinterest.

I loved this idea from the moment I found it & knew it was something I wanted to do for Jeremiah.
These are such cute, personalized & touching cards- plus they're pretty easy to make.

I ordered a box of blank cards with envelopes from JoAnn's Craft & Fabric Store.
These are similar to the cards I bought- if you hurry they're on sale!
The cards I ordered had a few more than fifty in them, I believe it was more like fifty-two or fifty-five.
I will warn you, this is a time consuming DIY.

It took quite a while to come up with fifty-some Open When ideas, but after a few days I had them all figured out (with ideas of what I was going to say inside). I tried to be realistic in mine, yet funny for Jeremiah.

Some of the Open When ideas I used:
You're sad
It's the first day of classes (inside I cut out tiny little paper pencils, that would fall out upon opening)
You need motivation (a picture of a large man at a computer- obviously not motivated)
It's finals week (included a peppermint- they're supposed to create brain stimulation)
You're sick (included a Tylenol Cold & Sinus Pill)
You miss me (pictures of Jeremiah & I together)
It's Valentine's Day (included tiny cut out hearts, to fall out upon opening)

On the front of the cards I printed Open When... then put whatever the card theme was.
Yes, I did this fifty-some times & the put them all together & sealed them all up.

Tip: Keep the box the cards come in, it's perfect for keeping them together when you gift them.

In a lot of the cards I also included Bible verses- things that fit the scenarios on the card.
Jeremiah really loved these & was so excited when I gave them to him. 
It's definitely one present I don't regret spending a lot of time on- because I know it meant a lot to him.
It also meant a lot to me, to be able to show him how much I care & that I'm always there for him.

I hope this post gave you a little idea of something you can do for you Long-Distance relationship.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Buying for the man who has everything!

Ladies, you all know it's true! Guys are impossible to buy for!
It seems that Jeremiah has everything- so what do I get him!?
Jeremiah has always been really hard to buy for, but it seems lately it's been even harder!
Our anniversary is less than two weeks away & I still feel like I need to get him something else.
Jeremiah usually picks out two or three things he would like & I surprise him with one of them. It's easier for me & he gets something he can actually use.
This year is totally opposite. He can't find anything he wants & the one idea I had for him is sold out!
Darn you, Horizon Hobby.

So I've turned to a few little gifts instead.
He decided that he'd prefer to wait until he gets back to school & can check out some basketball schedules for the NBA & then let me get him a few tickets for him & his friends to go.
Which is cool with me, but I still have to get him something!
So here's what I've picked up so far.

I am addicted to Zulily & their deals! If you don't have an account, click here & make one immediately. It's amazing. So, they had a great sale on perfumes & colognes about a month ago & it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to get something for Jeremiah. He really likes Lacoste- lucky for me, they had some on sale! So I ordered him a 2.5 ounce bottle of the Lacoste Red (Style in Play) cologne. I paid $30 for it & I'm pretty positive it's regularly at least $50. 


Next I got him some underwear from American Eagle (Classy? I know right). I got them two for $20 but gave him one pair already, oops.
He really like AE underwear & it's a super easy, yet slightly personalized gift I can pick up!
The pair I already gave him is the opposite of these- with leopard on the band & black on the trunk.

Jeremiah got the PlayStation 4 for Christmas & he is constantly charging the controllers with that darn cord. It seems as if they are never charged! So I ordered him a PS4 Controller Charging Station from Amazon. It was only $19 ($5 less than Wal-Mart's price), plus I got 2-day free shipping with my Prime Membership. Hopefully he'll make good use of this at school & it won't be such a headache to keep his controllers charged. 

Finally, the biggest thing I'm getting him was something he's been eye balling for quite some time
An individual/single serving smoothie maker
This year at college he is living in a module home with several other guys, so they will have their own, full-fucntiong kitchen. Perfect for a smoothie maker.
Jeremiah loves smoothies- so the fact that he can make his own at home, is perfect!
I've been eye balling the Oster My Blend Smoothie Maker. I've searched high & low for a black one & Target has one in stock- so guess where I'm headed? You got it, Target!
Hopefully they'll have them through Thursday, because I can't make it out there today or tomorrow :(

When buying for Jeremiah I've learned to pay attention to the things he needs or has mentioned he likes. He usually doesn't intentionally hint about things he wants- so it's a pretty difficult process. I'll still get him the game tickets when he finds some he's interested in. Until then, this will have to do.

P.S. I promise I haven't forgotten about the Open When Letters I promised to post on, I just haven't found time to put the post together yet! Oops.
It'll be up soon, pinky!
Happy almost Hump Day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Vacation Day

Today there was no rush, no alarm clocks & no schedule. We went on a total whim & it was a great day!

Jeremiah & I were up by 10:30 & ready for some pool time- of course, after having some Apple Jacks & Trix cereal. 

My mom was already out by the pool so we joined her. We played a tennis-like game & swam some laps before having a few underwater races, a tradition.
Jeremiah went inside to shower (he's not much of a swimmer). Suddenly, we all realized it was our last day here & we still hadn't been to the beach. So I ran inside & talked Jeremiah into going with us- then we packed up the car & off we went. We only spent about forty-five minutes there but it was really fun. Normally my mom doesn't get in but this time she did & we all enjoyed ourselves. We rinsed off with those gross beach showers, you use for your feet then came back to our house. We ordered Domino's pizza for lunch & then decided to rest a little. 

Jeremiah & I opted out of going to the outlet mall since we had already made a stop there the other day. So we stayed back & napped while my mom & sister went shoe shopping. After they got back we got ready for dinner. My mom & sister were tired so it was just Jeremiah & I at a little Chinese restaurant with a sushi bar. We finished our dinner then played 18 holes of mini golf. Seriously, we love mini golf. It took a long time because they were so crowded but it was still a blast. 

We got back to the house around 10:30, finished packing then watched Cops
Now we've all laid down for the night. We've got a flight tomorrow back home, wah. But I have to say I'm missing my fur-babies! 

This vacation has been really memorable & fun. I'm so blessed to have a great family & boyfriend to spend a fun vacation with. I only wish we got to go more than once a year! 


Wednesday we all got up around 9- we had plans to visit the downtown area for the day. But my mom & sister decided they didn't want to go, so Jeremiah & I figured we might as well go. 

We were in the downtown area by 10:30, but it took a good fifteen minutes to find parking & figure out how to work a meter. Yes, it was rather challenging. Finally, after getting all our ducks in a row we were on our way to do a little shopping. 

Jeremiah got a cute turtle wind chime-like thing for his mom & some kangaroo jerky for his little sister. I got a few cat items for my room & a flower pot for my mom, since she decided not to come. 

We had lunch at a place that was used to be really good. I love, love, love their cheese soup but yesterday the rest of the food just wasn't too good. We ate a little bit of it but ended up getting Panda Express afterwards. 

We came back to the house, took a nap, fished some & then got ready for dinner. We ate at one of my family's favorite steakhouses & then returned home. We had planned to putt-putt after but somehow changed our minds. 

The rest of the evening was spent watching tv & playing Texas Hold 'Em

The downtown area is always really enjoyable & pretty, I'm glad Jeremiah got to see it with me. I've loved having him here. 

Coming up: Our last day of vacation :(

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday Recap (July 21st, 2014)

Monday made for a long day! We got up bright & early, & tried to get in some pool time. It was such a nice, warm day until it started thundering & then poured the rain. Wah.

So we decided it was a good day for shopping. We got ready & headed to the mall, which was about an hour from our house. We spent basically all day there. 
There were tons & tons of shops!

Then we had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. It was super yummy! I love pasta so it was perfect!

Afterwards we made a pit stop at Target to get some games & make-up for us girls. We stayed there until closing time then headed back to the house. It poured all the way home, so it made the trip quite a bit longer

We got back to the house, changed into our pajamas & played our new game "Liars Dice". Pretty fun, once you get the hang of it. Then, we called it a night. I was so tired I forgot to recap our day! So here it is now!

I hope your Tuesday is going fabulous!
I'll post about today later tonight :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014


So today's plan went down the drain. 

I woke up around 8:15 with severe stomach & back pain. I have a very high pain tolerance & I knew something wasn't right. I woke up Jeremiah & we decided I should tell my mom. Of course, she insisted on a trip to the ER. Blah. 

I was cringing in pain the entire way there. When finally getting to the hospital, I didn't even make it to the doors before I started vomiting. They took me back quickly & I was placed in an exam room. 

The doctor came in pretty quickly & ordered bunches of tests. I had what felt like a bazillion tubes of blood taken- then they put in my IV. I laid there for about an hour before they came in to give me pain medication. The first dose did nothing but make me dizzy- so we finally found someone to increase it & it gave me a little relief. By this time they had me chugging water so I could undergo a CT Scan. I hadn't even had breakfast & here I was in the worst pain of my life & trying to drink that stupid water. I finished quite a lot of it & they took me back.

Of course, Jeremiah went with us to the hospital- so he gave me a big hug & kiss & went to find a muffin with my mom while I was wheeled away for my scan. 
On the way to the scanner, the lady pushing my bed was telling me how she could tell Jeremiah really cared about me & seemed so concerned. I was like yeah, he's pretty great & I'm pretty lucky to have him. 

I did the scan & the contrast they inject you with burns so, so bad (in case you were wondering). I was doing o.k. until the end & then I got sick again. All that water on an empty stomach didn't sit well, I guess. But my nurse was really nice & kept saying it was fine. 

I returned to my room & Jeremiah came in right after. Then it was just a waiting game. Finally about an hour later the doctor came in & said I had a kidney stone. UGH. Who knew such a small thing could cause so much pain.

Thankfully mine is only 2mm. So hopefully it won't cause me too much more pain. 
But seriously, I always thought people with kidney stones exaggerated, no- they do not, at all. Those suckers are the most painful thing I've ever experienced. 

Afterwards, Jeremiah & I ate a really late breakfast & then napped for a while until it was time for Jeremiah to cook dinner for my family. Talladega Nights came on a random channel so we watched a little of it & then played rummy again. 

Jeremiah & I cuddled for a bit & watched Rugrats before calling it a night. I'm literally exhausted. Completely. I'm thrilled I get to sleep in tomorrow! 

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Par 3

Today Jeremiah & I played a nice Par 3 course about forty-five minutes from our rental house. I suppose I played alright, but I've still got a long way to go. Golf is a darn hard sport. Really hard. And frustrating. 

Afterwards we stopped by the outlet mall again & I got myself a new Nike golf shirt, there was a great sale there today! We had lunch at the food court & then checked out some other random shops. 

We were back to the rental by "high tide" so Jeremiah could fish with my dad. While he fished I spent a little time with my mom & sister by the pool. Then it started raining & totally killed the fishing. Yet, Jeremiah & I swam in the rain anyways, which was weird- but fun, too. 

The plan was for Jeremiah to cook for my family tonight but we were all tired & just decided to call in some pizza, pasta & wings. Jeremiah & I went to pick it up & grab some groceries from the store.

After eating we watched the new episode of Cops (you know Jeremiah & I can't miss it!). Now we're all sitting around the table playing rummy. Literally we've been playing this for almost three hours.. exhausting. 

Tomorrow the plan is to go to a huge flea market, if it rains. But we'll probably end up going either way because it's a weekend only thing. Jeremiah & my dad are going to check out a gun show in town in the AM then go with us to the flea market. Sounds like fun? I know right!

I hope your Sunday is a Funday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Golf Adventures

Today Jeremiah & I visited a really neat golf place (sorry, I'm not naming it). It was really nice, yet not too expensive. We also watched a movie at IMAX & then played a little putt-putt, you all know we love that. Except this putting was on real greens & everything! 

We hit up a couple of outlet malls, Jeremiah wanted to look in Gucci for some drivers- but no luck on those. We'll just keep looking!

Then we met up with my family back at our rental house & enjoyed some relaxing pool time before getting ready for dinner. Now we're back in for the night & quite exhausted!

Getting an early start tomorrow with a 10am tee time!

Happy Friday!

Apologizes for the short posts, I'm just trying to recap somethings for future memories. I want to look back on these posts!  Enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the go!

This week I'm vacationing with my family (& Jeremiah)! An apology ahead of time for the posts being few & far between!

I'm hoping to do a few, just to recap our memories!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 14, 2014

In sickness & in health

The weekend brought lots of fun volunteering at baseball games-
Jeremiah & I got food poisoning
That's right folks- food poisoning. And it was horrible.

Needless to say, I've learned to never eat off a food truck, ever again.

The food was great the first time- not so much the second.
Jeremiah & I spent yesterday evening basically holding each other's hair while we puked.
Ew, I know. Maybe TMI?

I felt awful for Jeremiah, for some reason guys are so much more pitiful when they're sick.
So my feminine instincts kicked in & I played mommy basically. I kept him hydrated, cooled with rags & made sure he had a lined trash can near by (then did it for myself also).

Saturday was fun- we've been helping with the Little League Baseball tournament being held in our area & it's kept us on our toes. These kids are so good! It's amazing how many people come out & volunteer their time to make it all come together! 
Tomorrow & Wednesday are the last two days- after then I think I'll recover from my sleep deprivation.
Getting up at 7am is not a routine I've liked getting in.

Although, baseball is my favorite sport- so, I don't mind it too much.
I'll honestly be a little sad when it's over.
Jeremiah played baseball for as long as I can remember- so when we graduated I suddenly had no excuse to attend games- which sucked.
So whenever I get a chance to watch, I'm pumped.
Special Note: I'm watching the 2014 Gillette Home Run Derby while making this post!

Jeremiah officially returns to school on August 21st & I'm already dreading it.
Our summer has literally flown by, but I'm loving every moment I spend with him.
Have a great Tuesday!

Coming Soon: Open When Letters

Friday, July 11, 2014

July Birch Box

So I got my Birch Box this month early, but haven't gotten around to doing a post until now.
I've been volunteering at my local little league games with Jeremiah & it's really an all day thing & by the time I get home I'm exhausted. But here goes.


Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
 I really like this product. It works just like any other dry shampoo- but runs on the high priced side. So I honestly, won't be repurchasing it. But it's always fun to try!
Full-size: $18


Naobay Body Radiance Lotion
I can't seem to put my finger on what this smell reminds me of- but it's good! It's really moisturizing & long-lasting. A great lotion to use before going to bed, to ensure your hands have that locked in moisture they need!
Full-size: $24

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner
I received the shade Raina. Although I would have preferred a black pencil, I was happy with what I got. I can say this stuff is definitely an all-day eyeliner. I swatched it on my hand & it took quite a bit of remover to get it off! A great eyeliner if you want a good product at an affordable price.
Full-size: $11

Vasanti Cosmetics Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser
My only complaint is I wish you got more! It's such a tiny sample, I need more to know if I really like what it's doing for my face! Like with the lotion, this also smells really good & seems to go just as the product says.
Full-size: $24

Gingerade Shower Gel
Although I don't normally like foil packets- I made an exception & tried these (perks, you get two!). I really loved this body wash. My favorite parts are the fact that is is gluten free, cruelty free, is 100% all natural & 100% vegetarian! This is such an amazing product- it's worth the money!
Full-size: $15

Overall, this month was a pretty good box. I look forward to my Birch Box so much! The finds in it are worth the money ($10 a month)- I'll like them up here, in case you're interested in checking them out! 
I highly recommend!
I hope you've all had a great Friday & have a fun-filled weekend!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Recap!

Ahh, I just love long weekends. Especially ones that involve lots of food & fireworks!
Friday morning I got to sleep in just a little, but had to be at Jeremiah's house by 1.
From there, we left & headed to his aunt's house for some celebrations. Every year she has all of his family over- which is a ton of adults & kids!
The weather was just amazing! I'd been waiting to find just the right top for the fourth- & I finally got my hands on this one.
When I stopped by Target the other day, it caught my eye & I knew I had to have it. So I sported this little number all day. I'll link it up here. I got a size up, so it would be extra flowy.

Anyways, back to Friday.
After finally getting to Jeremiah's aunt's house we did some socializing & then the food was finally ready. I just love to eat, there was so much & it was all so, so good! Props to those ladies up there, who can all cook!
After letting our food settle & doing a little karaoke singing, we commenced the annual baseball game.
We divided ourselves into teams & then the first inning began!
It actually ended in a tie, which was a bummer- because our team was really good!
After baseball, we let all the kids throw a ton of water balloons. Jeremiah's uncle fills at least three or four huge, huge buckets- and I mean like you could fit six toddlers in these things. Huge.
Jeremiah & I always run to the safe spot (inside the house)- to avoid being hit. He had a really bad experience with it one year & we haven't gone back out since!
By this time, it was dark enough to start some fireworks & we did.
His family always has the best fireworks. They're always amazing & put on such a good show!
After all the fireworks were gone we all went back for seconds on the food & gambled a bit.
Jeremiah's sister actually won! 

Saturday morning I had breakfast with my family at a local restaurant- where we ran into my grandma having breakfast alone! So of course she joined us. Then, I visited Jeremiah's other side of his family (his mom's side) & ate more food.
I guarantee I put on at least four pounds this weekend. 
We didn't stay long enough for it to get dark over there so no fireworks. :(
We spent the rest of the evening watching tv & made our Saturday hibachi run.

Sunday was pretty lazy. 
Jeremiah came up around 1:30 & we made pizza & wings. Seriously, go to your store & buy the DiGiornos' pizza & wings kit- it's so good.
Jeremiah attends a flying club on Sundays around 2:30- it usually lasts until about 5:30. It's just a bunch of aviation fans hanging out & flying their (awesome) RC planes & few RC helicopters. So he spent some time up there & then came back here for some Sanjay & Craig episodes. We're obsessed with this show- it's so funny. If you enjoy SpongeBob (which we do), you'll love it.
After catching up on our episodes we ate at a local mexican restaurant with Jeremiah's dad & uncle (who was in for the fourth). 
I headed home afterwards for an evening of boredom- or so I thought..
Jeremiah called twenty minutes after I got home & asked me to come help him get his RC plane out of a tree (my dad has a really long stick- that is used to work on power lines- that he needed). So I packed up that thing & headed over. We finally got his plane down & then played some ping-pong & pool with his dad, uncle & sister. It ended up being a really fun evening. His family is so funny, so it's constant laughing the whole time.
Also, yesterday was national kissing day- I hope you all got in some kisses from your sweeties!

I'm gonna throw today into my weekend recap also- so here goes.
Today Jeremiah & I headed to our local golf course & played nine holes. I'm working on learning to play (Jeremiah really enjoys golf- & is really good- so I'd like to learn to play so we can do it together). I actually played pretty good today, it was the first time I'd played a full round of golf. I usually get mad & give up- but today I played through & really enjoyed it.
Afterwards we had lunch at a nice restaurant & then did a little geocaching/hiking. 
I'm addicted to geocaching. Seriously.
Here's a cute squirrel from our geocaching hunt today.

Later this evening we went to Jeremiah's mom's house & made more pizza & wings- this time from scratch (not using a boxed kit). Then, set off some of the fireworks Jeremiah bought. 
We did make a few home-made explosions & it was hilarious. I mean, who doesn't think watching a hamburger bun explode isn't funny!? And it's even more funny when you stick the firework in the ground wrong & it sprays at you (kinda scary though)!

Before & After

    Jeremiah found an old wrestler that he used to play with at his mom's house- so of course, we strapped 3 fireworks to him. He came out pretty darn good I think.

Now I'm sitting here writing this blog & trying to keep Marly out of my bag of stuff I took today. She's a nut.
I hope you all had a blessed weekend & enjoyed celebrating our freedom

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tips for a Long Distance Relationship

Since I haven't done a post recently on LDRs (Long Distance Relationships), I figured I'd give a few tips on how to deal.

Tip 1:
Be patient.
Seriously, this is so important. With Jeremiah & I- there is a time difference of about three hours. 
So when I'm ready for bed, he's just winding his day down & can talk.
Don't expect your other half to drop everything to make time for you.
Sometimes Jeremiah & I go a few days without getting to have an actual phone call. We text throughout the day but it's a lot harder to make time to call or FaceTime.
Be patient & you'll get that quality time you need with each other. It might not happen every single day, but you'll get that time worked in there somehow.

Tip 2:
Be available.
Normally, my schedule isn't as packed as Jeremiah's- this allows me to be more available to him.
When he says he can call or FaceTime, I try my best to be able to at that time also.
If that means putting off eating dinner with my family for twenty minutes or being a little late for a hair appointment, I make it happen. I know it's hard for him to find time & when he does, I make sure I'm there.

Tip 3:
I cannot stress how important this is. Not once did I ever worry that Jeremiah would find someone else or make a bad decision regarding our relationship. I trust & care for him & I know he feels the same way about me. Being able to trust someone in this type of relationship is what makes it work. You have to know that it's going to work- Jeremiah & I never doubted that we couldn't do this.

Tip 4:
Show you care.
Even if it means sending a cute good morning text or even a card via snail mail- it will mean so much to the other. I know it makes me so happy when Jeremiah sends me a cute card & I'm not expecting it. So I know when I do the same for him, he also appreciates it.

Tip 5:
Find a common ground.
For Jeremiah & I this was watching a movie/tv show together once or twice a week. I'd wait until he got all his homework done (yes, this meant staying up way late) & we would watch something together. We'd set a time to start the show & then text throughout it. (Jeremiah had 2 roommates so it was really awkward to FaceTime when they were there- so we normally ended up texting.) I looked forward to this & so did Jeremiah. It was a way for us to do something together, even though we were over 2,000 miles apart.

Tip 6:
Have a countdown.
On my iPhone I have the Big Day Lite Countdown app. I set it to notify me every few weeks of how long it is until Jeremiah returns. This gives me something to look forward to! When I'm feeling down, I just look at my little countdown & think oh wow! it's so much sooner than I thought! 

Tip 7:
If at all possible, visit each other.
When Jeremiah first left in August of 2013, I didn't get a chance to visit him. Which meant I didn't see him until December (almost four months later). That was really hard. But when he went back in January, I got to visit him in March for Spring Break. We only had a week together & it was hard to say goodbye, but I valued that time so much. It was a great way to break-up the time of him being gone. Do whatever you have got to do to meet up, even if it's somewhere in the middle- you won't regret it.

Tip 8:
Jeremiah has no idea how much I love getting pictures from him! Even if they aren't of him, I love to see his school (I've never actually been on his campus), & what's going on around him. Feel like you're having a good hair day? Take a quick selfie & tell him! Jeremiah & I don't do social media or Snap Chat, so the only way we get to see pictures of each other is when we send them! It's a fun & cute way to "see" each other.

Tip 9:
Jeremiah & I both have a strong Christian faith, which plays a large roll in our relationship. I love talking to him about our church sermon, or how God spoke to me that day. I also love to hear what he got from his message at school (he attends church on campus several days a week). Include God in your relationship & it's sure to go a lot smoother. 

Tip 10:
A keepsake.
Find a couple of things that both of you like, they can be individualized, matching, or however you think it will work for you. The important thing is to have that special something that reminds you of your other half.
Before Jeremiah left last year, I bought a small heart cross that had a smaller cross that fit inside of it.
Before Jeremiah left I let him pick which he'd prefer (he chose the smaller cross) & he carries it in his wallet, which is where I also keep mine. It's a small memento of each other, that reminds us what it means to us, each time we see it. 
Jeremiah also rotates a few of his t-shirts around to me. I mostly use them for sleep shirts & things, I love getting them because they smell like him! Jeremiah has always liked my socks (they are pretty darn cool, they've got some great patterns). So every once in a while I'll get a clean pair, spray my perfume on them & mail them to him. So yes, my boyfriend does wear girl socks & they look really good on him, too! 
This is what I carry in my wallet- Jeremiah's cross fits inside of mine.

Tip 11:
Pick your battles.
I'm not going to say that I don't get mad at Jeremiah sometimes. Since he's left however, I've learned to pick my battles wisely. The little things that irritated me are forgotten when I get to talk to him. When your actual phone time or FaceTime is few & far between, you learn that you don't want to waste your time arguing. It's really taught me to anger less quickly & to not anger quite as often. You'll regret spending your time arguing about something that doesn't even matter when your time to talk is up.
Trust me.

I know this is an odd number of tips, but that eleventh one hit me at the last minute & I thought it was important. 
It's the little things that keep these types of relationships going. Always remember it's not a permanent thing & you'll work through it. 
Stay positive, have faith & it will all work out.


So I realize that I haven't posted in over a week & I feel terrible.
Last week was so, so hectic I could barely make time for sleep!
This week is a little less packed- but it's still pretty busy.
Can I just say I'm pumped for the 4th!?

Jeremiah & I went to a minor league baseball game last Friday night & they had fireworks! 
We weren't expecting them to be anything extravagant, but they were!
We both agreed it was the best fireworks show we had seen!

This picture totally sucks, but it's the only one I got that wasn't a huge blur.

I am going to attempt doing some Fourth of July nails, but if they turn out too horrific I'm not going to post them. I'm pretty decent when it comes to doing my own nails.

Last Thursday, I got to make another Ulta run! I love that place.
So much.
I am obsessed with the NYX Jumbo Eye pencils (in milk), they're great for priming your lids or using them for a bottom liner- to open up your eyes. And just my luck, they were buy one get one half off!
I also got some new lipstick shades. I had like five in my hand, but only ended up getting two.
I got the NYX Butter Stick in Hubba Hubba; this shade is so gorgeous! I like to layer it over a little nude lipstick though, just so it's not so pink!
I also got a NYX Matte Lipstick in Shy. After getting home & trying to use this- I kinda realized this isn't really my shade :( so I'll probably give it to my sister.

It's official, Jeremiah returns to school on the 19th of August & I'm already dreading it.
Our summer is flying by! We haven't even done half of the things on our bucket list!

I promise I won't slack off on my posts again. 
I tried to make this one a little long, but I just keep thinking of all the things I need to get done today!
Happy Wednesday!