Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekends & More Dividers

Ahh, finally a little down time.
Jeremiah has been home for a month now (wah).  :(
Makes me very sad. Our time together is going by so fast!
This week & into the next he is going to be gone on vacation- so hopefully I can catch up on some much missed blogging. Our weekend was short- but great.
We enjoyed some hibachi food & visited with family.
Saturday Jeremiah golfed then we just kind of hung around the house.
Jeremiah's grandmother lives almost two hours away & we went up to see her Sunday. Although it's a long drive it's really worth it. She loves seeing him & it was the first time since he'd been back that she had gotten to. So basically Sunday was spent there.

Lately, my iPhone 5, (which is literally my life) has been acting stupid. My lock button (sleep/wake button) has not been functioning. I got one of the first iPhone 5's that they came out with- so unfortunately, I got one with a bad lock button. It finally went a few days ago & I decided to see about Apple replacing it.
I called the 800 number I found on their website & explained my problem to a nice lady named Makenzie. Can I just say they have great customer service? Anyways, to the point- my phone was eligible for repair/replacement. Today I received my little pre-paid postage box (made to fit my iPhone perfectly). I shipped it back around 2:00 so hopefully they'll have me a new one by Thursday.
I know, I know- you're thinking how are you functioning without a phone for three days!? Let me tell you, it's not easy! But I have a great mom who is letting me borrow hers in the meantime.
I do have other phones I could activate with my carrier, but having to do that & then have to switch it back Thursday just seems like too much effort for me.
So, I'll manage.

Anyways, since you've heard about my recent crisis- I think I should tell you about my newest craft.
You guessed it- more baby closet dividers! This time for a little girl!
If you didn't check out my first post on how-to make these Baby Closet Dividers then click that link or, this one
A lady who my mom is good friends with just had her first grandbaby- a girl!
Of course, my mom insisted that I make her some closet dividers too (I don't mind though, they're easy & a really cute gift). I bought my supplies at Hobby Lobby this time.
If you've never been to a Hobby Lobby store- then OMG. You do not know what you're missing out on, it's only the greatest craft store of all time!
I'll link them up here & link their weekly coupon here.
I bought six hangers for .79 each & six decorative wood cutouts for .67 each.
I also purchased some baby pink ribbon which was $1.49 for the roll- with my coupon.
Did I say much I loved this store?
I used my White Acrylic Paint from my prior projects (which you can purchase at Wal-Mart for .50 per bottle.)

Please excuse the poor quality- like I said my phone (which is what I normally use for my crafting pictures) is broken. And yes, these are chilling on my coffee table which I tried to crop away but couldn't.

Try making these sometime! They're so easy, yet such a personal gift- your loved one is sure to love them! Have a great week!

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