Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

This long weekend has literally flown by.
Saturday was my great grandmother's 89th birthday! So we had a little party for her.
I was told there would be food, which was a big misunderstanding.
My mom assumed we were having hot dogs, hamburgers, that kinda mumbo-jumbo.. big fat NOT. So for me, who hadn't ate since breakfast (the party was at 3), it sucked. Yes, I had cake & ice cream- but that wasn't dinner.  :(
Some of my cousins who live out of our area were in & hadn't been through our area in a long time- so Jeremiah & I offered to give them a little tour. After Jeremiah & I took my cousins around town, we headed to our favorite local chinese restaurant. On Friday & Saturday evening's they fix hibachi (you all know, I love my hibachi food)- so, Jeremiah & I got some to go then headed back to my house for a marathon of our favorite show, Cops. 
I know, I know, totally weird- but we love it!
We spent the rest of the evening eating & watching tv- then I took Jeremiah home.

Sunday, I got up bright & early for another birthday party. This time it was for Jeremiah's cousin (who was turning eleven). 
It takes us about an hour & a half to get to Jeremiah's grandmother's house (where the party was). We spent the whole day there- playing t-ball & petting animals. Jeremiah's cousin got an adorable kitten for her birthday & his sister recently got a new puppy (which was there, too).

The weather this weekend was absolutely great! It wasn't too hot & cooled off in the evenings. Perfect weather for a few corn hole games!

I'm so excited for the rest of this summer. I think our warm weather has finally set in for good.
Thank goodness!

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