Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap

So of course, this post is about the fact that Jeremiah is home!

I didn't get to see him until Saturday morning because his flight didn't land until super late. But it all ended up working for the best.
After meeting up Saturday morning, we had breakfast together- then met up with his mom, for breakfast again (I was so stuffed!). We headed to a mall in our area & waited for his dad.
Then, after shopping for a bit & catching up with his dad, we went car browsing for his little sister.
We had dinner with them, then back to my house for some present swapping!
He love, love, loved his polaroid camera- thank goodness! We've taken a couple of pictures with it, but are trying to be super conservative with the film!

Yesterday we watched some basketball at his house.

Go Nets!

Today, we made some yummy Jello Jigglers (blue raspberry) & just did a little relaxing.
I'm so happy he's home again.

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