Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Final Countdown & Babies!

Eeek! I just can't believe it. The past two months have literally flown by. I cannot believe it's almost time for Jeremiah to be home for the entire summer! What are we gonna do with ourselves!? All that time together, four whole months! It makes me so happy just thinking about it! Anyways- Jeremiah will be home in 16 short, short days! I've got so much to do & so little time! My homework is piling up (I think I'm too distracted to do it!), I've got to get all the arrangements made for picking him up at the airport, & somehow find time for a pedicure! Plus, I'm trying to plan a special date for a couple days after he gets home. Not sure where we're going or what we're gonna do, but I want to do something nice (not too extravagant though).
Any ideas?
I'm thinking maybe a nice dinner at his favorite Japanese steakhouse & maybe a movie after? I'm dying to watch God's NOT Dead, but cannot find anyone to go with. Seriously, you don't realize just how many friends you don't have until your best friend leaves- then, you're a complete loner. Wah. I know he'd enjoy it, if he hasn't already watched it.. maybe he'd be willing to watch it again!
I cannot wait, I hope these next two weeks & two days go by even faster than the past couple of months. I am so excited to get this summer started (hopefully that part will go by really slow!)

Also, I thought I'd introduce my two babies-

Mr. Daisy

Miss Marly 

(that's right, MR. Daisy)- he was a gift from Jeremiah, from the local animal shelter, all his papers said he was a girl, but when I took him to get spayed, they said he was a boy. So he was neutered instead. I loved his name & he honestly knows it. I couldn't bring myself to changing it- plus, he has no idea what his gender is.
Seriously, these cats are like my children. I love them so much. (I know, I sound like a total crazy cat lady).

We found Marly under Jeremiah's dad's house. The mother cat had a litter of three under there & when we went to check on them a couple of days later the mother had taken the other two kittens & left Marly (who was the runt). I did my research on runt kittens that had been left behind & came to the conclusion that the mother wasn't coming back. She left her because she knew she didn't have much of a surviving chance & decided to focus on her two healthy kittens.
I took Marly home with me, and the next day we visited the vet. She guessed she was close to one month old, but very, very weak. We knew it was going to take a lot of time & energy to take care of this kitten- but being the cat person that I am, I knew had to do it. So almost every three hours, every single night for weeks, I woke up & fed this sweet little creature. She was so young she could not go to the bathroom on her own, so the vet had showed us how to "stimulate" her (you've been warned if you choose to Google this). Her constant care was exhausting, but totally worth it in the end.
Thankfully, we had found her during the summer & I had the time to take care of her without worrying about her going hungry. As the weeks progressed so did my little MarMar. Today, she is a healthy little girl, who will celebrate her one year birthday in July. She's also a bit wild. The vet warned us that she is technically feral (a wild cat), so she would be feisty. Plus, she said that bottle fed kittens always had more attitude than a normal cat- let me say, I was not prepared for this attitude.
She is constantly climbing the curtains, drapes & window coverings. I cannot tell you how many curtain hooks she has ripped out of the wall, because she things she's an acrobat. Plus, she's destroyed at least three shower curtains, because she likes the sound they make. But, I love her anyways- & we've learned just to close all the doors in our house!

Daisy is the sweetest cat you'll ever meet in your life. He is a constant cuddle monster. He loves perching on his window seat & watching the birds eat out of their feeder. Oh, if only he could get out there (he & Marly are strictly inside cats). Unlike Marly, Daisy doesn't have a tragic background or any super exciting story. Jeremiah said he knew Daisy was the one because he was reaching his little paws out of the cage at the shelter, as if he was just begging for him to pick him. I totally believe that he just knew he was our perfect choice. You can tell he's almost three because he is so much more mature than little Marly.

 I would be lost without my little pets & I think they would be, too. They provide me with so much comfort now that Jeremiah is gone. I am extremely thankful they were put into my life & I can't imagine how it would be without them (probably really boring & we'd have a lot more curtains!)

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