Monday, April 14, 2014

Care Packages

My first bit of advice is- don't over do it. My care packages were a bit over the top (& I think overwhelmed Jeremiah somewhat..), oh well- you live & you learn. I loved making my care packages, though. They're a super fun & easy was to show your special someone you're thinking of them! 
I find that the dollar stores usually have the best deals on small, individual packaged items. Jeremiah enjoys the "cup noodles" & things like that; so the dollar store is def a place you can get those cheap. Plus, everyone knows the candy there is half the price it is at Target! 

This is the first package I sent Jeremiah. I tried to include things he would need- but hadn't bought. Examples:
Band-Aids, Candy, Snacks, Lint Roller, Post-It Notes, Pencils, Highlighters

The second package I sent was a Halloween themed box. I included some fun Halloween themed things (they're mostly under the glow sticks)- such as, a mini strobe light (just for fun), glow sticks, fake spiders & a few other things.  However, I also put in some snacks he would like anytime like the Gripz Cheez-Its, mini cereal boxes, some gummies, stuff he could eat in a hurry or on the go. This box was my favorite out of all that I've sent.

Unfortunately, I didn't photograph all of the boxes I sent. But- heres a running list:
Valentine's Day
Jeremiah's Birthday
April Fool's Day (a box of jokes/silly things)

You're probably wondering why I didn't send a Christmas or New Year's Care Package, that's because we were lucky enough to be together over those two holidays! No care package needed!
Like I said, don't over do it. Try to include things they would want/need. Jeremiah loves loves gift cards. He's a big Panda Express fan. So occasionally, I'll mail him a $25 gift card. Although, I have sent several other types- Subway, (a quick sub is always easy & tasty), Applebee's (for when it's game time), Jack in the Box (close location for him). I try to normally send a $25 card, except for Applebee's, I'll send a $50 card for that one- it's more expensive & he can get at least three or four meals on a $50 card (which is about how many he can get with a $25 card for Panda Express, Subway, or Jack in the Box).

As far as mailing these boxes, I find it's cheapest to send them via FedEx. I love FedEx, they guarantee delivery & it's always there by then! I know, USPS & UPS guarantee them too, but FedEx has proven to actually get them there on that date (& they've got tracking numbers). I try to send them about four days early, depending upon the shipping method I've chosen. Normally, I can send them for the same price, whether it be a week or four days (usually goes by weight). However, when it comes to mailing letters & cards, I send them good ole' snail mail. I normally allow for a week to eight days for those to get to him. I can just about time it perfectly now! 

I hope you've found this entry helpful! Please feel free to ask questions!

Coming Soon:
The Final Countdown!

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